No app is nearly experiencing the growth rate as higher currently on the app TikTok app . some companies already have placed themselves successfully on the platform for videos. TikTok is exciting for businesses advertising, buy TikTok likes for high reach for your videos. In Europe, TikTok was the second most download app in the 2019 ‘s last quarter, according to the Sensor Tower. Nearly TikTok has world-widely have billion of downloads. Theoretically, that meaning, around one in nine citizens of the world, has downloaded the app already to her smartphone or smartphone. Where the app, also called Douyin, is life in China with significant users share around  500 million. But the social media app is created from the popular app, a lip-syncing app, is the one rise in Germany, since 2016, the release of its year, in Germany the number of users for this app is had been increasing steadily.

Generation Z’s spirit captures the TikTok. The many more users majority are younger than the age of 24 years old. The short videos are posted and produced by the users are characterized by their originality, brevity, excellent entertainment value, and originality. No more than 60 or 15 seconds at the option of the users, the clips show the acrobatics interludes, comedy spots, dance performances, pranks, tutorials, and more. If the company manages to credible complete with these following requirements, advertising on TikTok can reach a young age to a very young targeted group. Large companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Adidas have jumped already on to the launched and hype hugely successful campaigns on the video platform. However, the competition still here is relatively thin when compared to Instagram, Facebook, etc. the TikTok provides attractive marketing offers, and it is used increasingly as a tool for requirement, too. Anyone who wants to use this channel for their business or company should by no means overlooking the fact that TikTok’s criticism is also growing. This voice should not be natural to be ignored and should monitor in any case furtherly. During the 2019 Fashion week in New York, for the famous cosmetics manufacturer MAC, the agency based on Humburg pulse launched its #YouOwnIt hashtag challenge. Followers on influencers and influencers asked to use the cosmetics of the MAC to spruce themselves up in the ways which are suitable for the catwalk fashion.

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