Motivation And Ideas For Engagement From Popular Health Food Brands On TikTok

We think you’ll be impressed by the top health food brands on TikTok, whether or not you participated in the 2020 sourdough bread craze. These brands rose to the top of the TikTok marketing heap this past year, and their strategies are sure to serve as a springboard for your own.

There’s no need to say it, but we’re big fans of these brands both in the kitchen and online. Let’s examine their year of unrivalled success in TikTok engagement.

The TikTok Top 10 Healthiest Food Brands

We dove headfirst into the numbers to find the most popular health food brands and learn how they interact with their followers on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for our 2022 report, Top 100 Health Food Brands on Social Media. While brands only posted about once every seven days on TikTok, our data shows that the average engagement rate by view was significantly higher at 3.12%.

Companies that we believe represent the best of TikTok’s healthy food brand industry are listed below. Kodiak Cakes is the undeniable victor, but Grenade and Spindrift are neck-and-neck for second and third, and Forager Project and Three Wishes Cereal are tied for tenth.

Inspiration for Engagement from TikTok’s Most Popular Health Food Brands

The company, which is well-known for its protein-packed breakfast meals, announced the release of its new Thin and Crispy Cookies with a TikTok video full of eye-catching transitions and dynamic angles. The 1.43K shares and numerous positive comments show that the company’s foray into the candy market was well received. When measured by the number of interactions per follower, it became the second most popular brand post of all time, behind only the news of Kodiak’s collaboration with Zac Efron.

Cluster Bomb: Specialized Fads

The #Gymtok subreddit of TikTok became dominated by the “protein bor” trend during the summer of 2017, and the brand saw significant growth as a result. James Doyle, a popular fitness TikToker, started the trend with his thick Irish accent and pronunciation of “protein bar,” which quickly went viral among fitness enthusiasts on TikTok around the world. Grenade, being the ultra-smart brand that it is, featured the TikTok creator in multiple videos to promote its variety of protein bars, and even teased followers with the possibility of a flavour inspired by Doyle’s signature red hair. If you look at the comments, you’ll see that the followers are celebrating by writing “protein bor” over and over.

Distraction: Easily understood material

A 9.54 percent participation rate was observed.

Not everyone enjoys carbonated beverages, but many can relate to the frustration of publishing content with high hopes only to see it tank. That’s why the Spindrift team’s TikTok post did so well, with a whopping 38.4 percent engagement rate measured in views.

Purely elizabeth: giving back to the community

10%.36% Participation Rate

The philosophy behind purely elizabeth, as stated on their website, is based on the idea of using food to improve health and well-being. With your help, your followers can make better food choices by reading your short and tasty recipe posts.

Users can easily incorporate the superfood granola and oatmeal brand’s products or regular healthy kitchen staples into their daily lives thanks to the abundance of meal and snack recipes available on the brand’s TikTok feed. All of the most popular articles associated with the brand are related to ideas for new recipes and straightforward how-to guides.

GimMe Snacks: Adorable Material

11.24% of people are actively engaged in what you’re saying.

Videos of cute animals and babies are so popular because people enjoy being made happy. The healthy snack company GimMe Snacks, which makes seaweed-based products with a Korean twist, seems to be on to something here.

Jeni’s: Making memories one bite at a time

Participation Rate: 4.72%

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams maintains a lighthearted and uncomplicated tone on TikTok, with the brand’s products always being the focus. Several of the brand’s videos on TikTok play on the internet’s love of #Satisfying food content, featuring the sweet treat company’s signature ice cream flavours. In a single update, fans see employees pouring, rolling, and wrapping waffle cones for their famous ice cream. In comparison to the brand’s other posts, this one had an engagement rate increase of 196 times.