Problems With Your Hashtags That Are Preventing Your TikTok Popularity From Expanding

It’s crucial that you figure out the hashtags you’re using incorrectly, as this is limiting your TikTok exposure. Using the incorrect hashtags on footage that took a long time to film and edit is the worst.

Tiktok’s beneficial features for business owners and users to promote their companies and get more exposure are widely praised. Hashtags, as I indicated in the video, are a great tool for entrepreneurs like yourself to gain exposure.

Hashtags increase the likelihood that your videos will be seen by a wide audience, which in turn might lead to more followers for you. When used incorrectly, though, hashtags might stunt your TikTok popularity. I’ve compiled a list of common TikTok hashtag errors that might stunt your channel’s development.

Errors in Using Hashtags on TikTok: 6 Most Frequent

1. Hashtags that don’t mean anything

TikTok hashtags are a great way to expand your audience, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to use every popular one. 

The use of unrelated hashtags will attract people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer, which will result in a high bounce rate and stunt your growth. I usually warn my students to avoid using the hashtag #FYP since it is widely utilised while being completely meaningless. If you want to promote your films on social media, you should not use this hashtag.

Checking out the community of your rivals is a simple technique you can use to learn what hashtags they are using and what other methods are supporting their rise. With social media marketing, it is OK to snoop around and pick up useful tips and tricks from competitors.

2. Not using trending hashtags in your field

In TikTok, the most popular hashtags are consistently the ones with the most uses. The power of hashtags designed to unite a certain community is diminished when marketers focus solely on using the latest trends. To reach your intended audience, utilise the same hashtags that other businesspeople in your field do. I frequently update my Tumblr with the hashtags #consultingbusiness and #femalebusinesscoach and the ever-popular #tiktokupdates.

3. Thirdly, overusing the hashtag

The attractive appearance of several hashtags is no guarantee of their efficacy. Overusing hashtags makes it harder for your target audience to locate you since it creates more noise. Generally speaking, it’s OK to use between four and five relevant, specialty, and community-based hashtags. As an added precaution, before including hashtags on your video, make sure they are pertinent to your content/brand (s).

4. Relying exclusively on currently popular hashtags

No need to confine yourself to fads. As a novice user, you may feel pressured to utilise only popular hashtags in your TikTok posts. Although using popular hashtags may increase your profile’s click-through rate, it may reduce the likelihood that your target market will discover your business. Make advantage of both popular and brand-relevant hashtags.

5. Ignoring the latest hashtag trends

Similarly, your Tiktok content will suffer if you choose to ignore popular hashtags. You may still strategically develop content around a trendy hashtag, even if it has nothing to do with your market. Remember that hashtags set the pace for trends across all social media. For your TikTok company to succeed, you need to attract an audience, and the best way to do so is to use trendy hashtags in your video descriptions.

6. Not use proper regional hashtags

Therefore, there’s no need to disregard hashtags that are used often by others in your social circle. Absolutely not! I do my best to have hashtags on my films shot in the city proper. You might wonder why that is. I’m hoping that the local women who work as coaches will reach out to me and become part of my TikTok marketing group. Using local hashtags is also quite helpful for brands with brick-and-mortar locations.

Best guidelines for using hashtags on TikTok to promote expansion

  • Think carefully about your target market. Before you go headfirst into the TikTok tagging frenzy, it’s a good idea to do some research into your area by reading related blogs, watching related videos, and looking for relevant hashtags.
  • Have a look at the tags used by your rivals and see if you can learn anything from it.
  • By implementing some of these strategies, you may generate a unique hashtag for your content, inspire your audience to share it more frequently (a la a hashtag challenge), and, in turn, ideally attract more people to your page.

If you want to make your own unique hashtag, here are some helpful hints to bear in mind.

  • The hashtags you use should be relevant to your content and your overall campaign.
  • Keep it short and easy to remember. It’s hard to grasp and may not trend if it’s too long and complicated.
  • Even when utilising a trending hashtag, special characters like punctuation and currency symbols should be avoided.

You may quickly expand your company’s presence on TikTok by learning how to effectively use hashtags. The question is, “Why are you waiting?” Get started making material and uploading it with the proper hashtags.