The newest feature on Instagram is Reels. Reels feature allows the user to create short-form video content and share it. Like the TikTok application, the Reels feature allows the user to record and edit the fifteen seconds videos, add effects and sounds and share the Reels videos with followers or with the wider range of Instagram community through Instagram’s explore page if you have a public profile. 

The Instagram Reels just makes sense for many influencers on Instagram. The difference between Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels is not much. Both Stores and Reels feature Instagram allows the user to make short-form video content and allows you to share your video content with your followers. The differences between them are little but also important. 

Firstly, the Reels on Instagram includes a broad range of speed controls, effects, and video editing tools than Instagram Stories. To combine more than one videos, you can also use Instagram Reels’s align feature to make a seamless transition. All Reels content must be a video, unlike Instagram Stories, Instagram does not let the users use pictures. 

One of the most notable differences between Instagram Reels and Stories is that Reels content can be shared with your followers and to the Explore Page; on the other hand, your Stories can only be shared with followers. But sharing your Reels with the entire Instagram community is possible only if your account is public. You will not have any problem with getting started with Instagram reels if you have already used TikTok, Instagram, or any other alternative for the above social media video sharing applications. If you are not using the platform yet, the below guide will help you to know about the Reels of Instagram.


Choose the Reels option at the bottom of the camera on Instagram, or make a Reels on Instagram. 

Speed:  you can pick to slow down or speed up part of the audio or video that you are using for your reels. The speed option will help you to make slow-motion videos and stay on the beat.

Align: a cool align feature was provided by Instagram Reels that will help you make seamless transitions of multiple videos.

Timer: with the help of the timer feature of Instagram Reels, you can record hand-free record clips. 

AR effects: In the effect gallery of Instagram, you can pick from various AR effects. These effects are used to record many video clips with various effects. These AR effects are created by both users from all over the world and Instagram.

Average of 7 Million Views by Louis Vuitton. 

Louis Vuitton is a fashion industry giant that has more than seven million views across the Instagram Reels. The average number of Reels views of Louis Vuitton is seven million. Buy Instagram Reels views to get more views for your reels videos across the Instagram community like Louis Vuitton. And the Balmain gets more than 1.2 Million views, and an average of one lakh likes on each Reel. 

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