Instagram Reels are the newest way to record a short video format; short video format means video clips between 3 to 15 seconds set to audio on Instagram. It is a concept similar to TikTok, the biggest social media network for video sharing. Most people compare TikTok and Instagram. A brand new way to create engaging video and fun-filled video content on Instagram is known as Reels. 

This latest feature is now available in 50 worldwide countries, which include the US. Like the platform TikTok, the users on Instagram can also record the video and edit the video, but within the time from 3 seconds to 15 seconds. People can share the Reels video clips to their Explore Feed, Stories, and also in the new tab for Reels on the user’s profile.


The own version of the For You page is shared by the Instagram Reels, the Explore Feed for Reels on Instagram. People can find Reels’ Feed on their Explore Page on Instagram. Also, Instagram is working on testing the button for Reels on their main navigation bar on Instagram. It is going to be a big change on the platform, for a significant push to have the people browse and share more Reels often. Instead of watching the Reels only from the people you follow on Instagram, and you can also watch Reels of some trending accounts on Instagram and popular Instagram accounts. 

The algorithm of the Reels is similar to the For You Page algorithm of TikTok. It is mostly influenced by where you are located, what type of content you interact with, and what people you have followed already. You may have seen some featured Reels as you are scrolling through the Feed. You will receive a notification if your reels videos are featured in the Explore Feed. Featured Reels are nothing but a choice of public Reels; get Instagram Reels comments to become viral, which are all chosen by the platform to help people find the original video content that will inspire you and entertain you. You can just tap the audio and choose the “Use Audio” option for adding the audio to your video if you find an audio clip or music. It never hurts to jump on the trend and take inspiration.


On top of adding the music or selecting the music, there are more video editing tools available to explore for making the Reels videos on Instagram. The options are to the library of video effects chosen from, adjusting your videos to the speed like slow down the speed of the video or speed up the videos’ speed, deleting the unwanted video clips by using trim options. You can record a video clip or upload the video from your gallery to post your Reels on Instagram.

You can use the text tools and draw tools and pick from a selection of Instagram stickers once you are happy with the clips. Reels feature by Instagram is considered as a direct response to the social media platform TikTok.

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