Marketing on Instagram is very competitive. Use these 21 tips to make a non-fail Instagram marketing strategy for 2021. with more than 1 billion people, Instagram offers an excellent reach for products and brands. This year the potential reach of marketing on Instagram has substantially grown. Ninety percent of total users on Instagram follow at least only one business profile. More than thirty-six percent of decision-makers of B2B use Instagram when they reach new services and new products. 


Before you start marketing on Instagram, you need an Instagram Creator account or an Instagram Business account. If you have one already, then you can skip to the below tips. You can skip to number 3 of the below instruction if you have a personal account already. If you are creating a brand new account or brand new to Instagram, then here what to do:

STEP 1 :

First, you have to download the Instagram application. If you are an iOS user, you can download Instagram applications from the Apple Store. And if you are an Android user, you can download Instagram applications from the Google Play store.

STEP 2 :

If you download the Instagram application, then you have to sign up first. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Then tap on Create New Account option on iOS or sign up with a phone number or Email on Android.
  3. Tap Next after entering your phone number or your Email address.
  4. Create your Instagram username and password for your account.
  5. Fill out the information for your profile and tap the Next option.


  1. Tap the hamburger icon at the right top corner after going to your profile.
  2. Tap Settings and then tap Account.
  3. Tap the option “Switch to Professional account.”
  4. Follow the prompts after tapping the Business option.


  • Use a business account
  •  Define your goals clearly
  •  Know about your audience
  • Optimizing your profile
  • Choosing the correct photo for profile
  • Creating content with visually compelling
  • Establishing the look of your brands on Instagram
  • Writing great captions 
  • Use the hashtags wisely
  • engage of content
  • Making the most of Stories on Instagram
  • Use the covers and stories highlights to boosting your Instagram bio
  • Test the button and Gift card sticker
  • Building anticipation for the launching of products or brands with the countdown sticker
  • Go through life
  • Set up a shop on Instagram 
  • Experiment with Reels on Instagram
  • Post at the correct times
  • Try a partnership with influencers
  • With the help of Instagram, ads expand your audience
  • With analytics, refine your strategy

1. Use a business account.

A business account on Instagram gives you to access the great features, which you cannot use with the personal account on Instagram, that will include the below points:

  • Call to action and contact information on your profile
  • Primary messaging inboxes and secondary messaging inboxes
  • Shopping on Instagram
  • Ads on Instagram
  • Insights on Instagram

2. Define your goals clearly

  1. Marketing on Instagram can mean various things to various types of marketers.
  2. Directly sell products from the app
  3. As a leader in the industry, establish your brands and products just by buy automatic Instagram likes monthly 
  4. Getting new leads
  5. Increase the awareness of your brands’
  6. Creating a presence on online for your brads and business

3. Know about your audience

  • For better reach, figure out about your audiences.
  • Other than suburban peers, more urban residents using the social media platform
  • The largest market of Instagram is the United States
  • The most active members on Instagram are between the age group of 18 and 29

 First, you have to define your target market with the help of that, and you can create valuable content that will directly speak to that audience.

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