A Comprehensive Guide: Instagram Live For Your Business

It’s not too late to start using Instagram Live for marketing purposes.

The opportunity to capture attention on Instagram through live is too good to pass up, what with millions of people viewing live videos every day. Instagram Live can be used in a variety of ways to promote your brand, from providing exclusive previews and teasers to providing in-depth lessons and how-tos.

Therefore, you need to learn how to broadcast in real time on Instagram and discover strategies used by the pros to attract attention.

How does Instagram Live work?

Instagram, like Facebook and YouTube, allows you to communicate with your followers in real time using the Instagram Live feature. An excellent method of increasing participation, it also facilitates the development of brand attachment beyond mere awareness.

Here’s a brief rundown of the Instagram Live capabilities that may be used to expand a company’s audience and reputation:

Instagram Live broadcasts may now be scheduled up to 90 days in advance, and reminders can be sent to followers to let them know when the live broadcast will begin.
Questions: Ask your followers what they want to know in your next livestream by posting a question sticker on an Instagram Story. Then, during the live broadcast, you can quickly and easily access those questions and provide immediate responses. Micromanaging? I decline!
Filters for the human face: Liven up your broadcast with a selection of customizable facial filters.
Send immediate video: Direct (the aeroplane icon) allows you to send your live video to a user while you’re broadcasting it to the world.
Split-screen functionality in Instagram Live allows you to include a second participant in your broadcast. Up to three others can join you in a live broadcast.
You may easily switch between the two cameras (back and front).
During your live broadcast, you may easily share photos and videos from your camera roll using the media sharing feature.
You may promote yourself and the programme to new viewers by adding a remark and then “pinning” it.

Explain the mechanics of Instagram Live

First, launch the app and select the Live tab.
Launch Instagram and select “Live” from the menu. The “Your story” link in the upper left corner will take you to the Live tab.
Next, locate “Live” near the screen’s footer and click it.
You may also access “Live” from the menu accessible by the “+” symbol located in the upper right.
Second, give it a name.

Next, give your live show a name and then press the “Go Live” button!
Step 3: Set a time, if desired

Click the calendar icon to set a future start time for your Instagram live if you’d rather not broadcast right now.
Four: Switch cameras

To switch between your phone’s back and front cameras, tap the “Swap camera” icon in the phone’s bottom right corner.

Filters: The Fifth Step
Next to the white “Go Live” button at the bottom of the screen is a list of Instagram filters you may apply to your live stream.
The sixth and last step is to launch.

When you’re ready to begin broadcasting, just hit the “Go Live” button and get ready to grin and hello to your viewers.

Seventh, comment or pin it.
To add a remark to your Instagram Live broadcast, just tap the “Comment” button. Pinning a remark is as easy as tapping on it and selecting the “Pin Comment” button.

Eighth, kill the living
When you’re done broadcasting, tap “End” in the upper right corner of Instagram. The live video may be downloaded by selecting the download symbol in the top left corner. It’s also Instagram-friendly, so feel free to post it there.

Advice on Using Instagram Live in Your Company

Having the ability to provide interesting Instagram live streaming is crucial for any company. To that end, consider the following advice:

Prior to broadcast


One of the worst things a company can do on Instagram or any other social media site is to go live without any sort of preparation. As soon as you make the decision to launch, plan out what you hope to accomplish and how you intend to get there.


The main purpose of going live on Instagram is to communicate with your audience in real time. Therefore, you must advertise the live to your target demographic. Informing your existing followers of the who, what, when, and where of your Instagram Live will increase the likelihood that they will tune in.

To attract a larger audience, it would be smart to advertise across platforms. Instead of limiting promotion to Instagram, go out to your fans wherever they may be.

Ask first, then speak

Don’t just go on air and start chatting about anything. If you want to know what your audience wants to see, you need to learn more about them. Then, before your next Instagram live session, poll your followers on what they hope to learn from you. Take use of Instagram Live’s question-and-answer tool to have ready-made responses at your disposal.

Make sure you can connect to the web

A stable internet connection is essential for live broadcasts to go off without a hitch. Wi-Fi is always an option, although it’s more likely to have disruptions than a hardwired Ethernet connection. Therefore, if you can afford it, go with an Ethernet connection to ensure constant, high-speed internet access for your live broadcasts.