Here Are 8 Instagram Grid Layout Options

Why You Should Put So Much Thought Into Your Instagram Grid Layout

Method of Captivating New Audiences

Your grid is your chance to capture the attention of a new visitor and turn them into a lifelong fan. All of us are accustomed to random grids. You can’t help but feel smitten when you first lay eyes on’s exquisitely ordered grid. You really get a sense of what the brand is all about.

Your brain immediately builds an overall idea of the layout, rather of perceiving each post as an isolated thing, giving you a greater picture of what’s going on.

The Big Picture of Online Community

You may create your grid in a variety of ways, as we’ve seen above. Each example, however, makes it clear that the aesthetic contributes to readers’ comprehension of the brand’s posting norms. One complete column in Burna Boy’s schedule is devoted to show dates.

You don’t have to go digging for the tour dates if this is your first time visiting this artist’s profile. You now get a bird’s-eye perspective of the information you need thanks to the grid format.

A Clear Exposition of Your Brand’s Purpose

As much as a photo is worth, a well-organized grid layout is priceless. Let your grid layout do the talking and save yourself the trouble of having to explain what you do to your audience.

A well-organized design may tell readers all they need to know about a company at a glance. The grid structure gives readers an immediate overview of the brand’s output.

Say, for argument’s sake, that you own a cake shop. First-time site visitors may get a feel for the variety and quality of your baked goods by perusing your Instagram feed in grid format. They don’t have to dig deep to find out if your cakes are good. The three-post rows create a larger image that gives readers a taste of your greatest work.

An Instagram strategy for establishing brand recognition

In what hue does your company’s logo exist? Which pattern is this, exactly? Do you follow any particular colour scheme? Is it printed on the product’s box, your headquarters, the company van, and elsewhere?

If that’s the case, your grid arrangement is a fantastic example of how you might carry that motif over to Instagram. The digital marketing expert Neil Patel’s website and blog posts are consistently orange. The PayPal logo and colour scheme are navy. All of their Instagram posts share a same blue colour scheme, despite the lack of a grid style.

Coca-Cola’s signature red colour is instantly recognisable. The brand’s colours are consistent across all platforms, including Instagram. You can view the brand’s new red and white grid below.

You may show that your brand is consistent all the way down to the colour scheme by using a unique grid arrangement on Instagram. And that will undoubtedly reassure your clients that they have come to the proper location.

An Effective Method of Capturing Attention

If you’re not just updating your Instagram for kicks, you should really pay attention to the grid layout. The regular arrangement of content is monotonous now that people are used to it. Make your page interesting and engaging in a special way. Invite visitors to your profile and make their time there worthwhile.

A attractive grid structure is the only way to guarantee that will happen.

Make sure your followers read all of your updates.

You have to click on a post on someone else’s Instagram feed before you can see it. After that point, you’ll need to keep scrolling down to see new comments.

People often wish they had the time to read all of your entries, but they just can’t. So, they glance at a few of postings, hit the return button, and keep scrolling the main page until they see something else that catches their eye. Some of your postings will get lost in the shuffle as visitors come and go from your website.

This may be avoided with the use of a grid structure. When grid layouts are aligned in rows of three, each individual post becomes an integral component of the whole. If you can get people interested in the larger picture, you can rest assured that they will read your individual postings.

A Means of Communicating Your Message

In point #6, we mentioned how grid layouts stop people from accidentally skipping through posts. They’re also a terrific method for guaranteeing that none of your communications will be ignored. Use a grid layout to make sure your audience engaged sees your message when you want them to.

If you want to be sure that no one misses your giveaway announcement, contest details, or Instagram promotion campaign advertisement, a grid layout is the way to go.


The value of grid formats cannot be overstated. They are one of the most original features for gaining attention on Instagram. This is one of the first steps you should do if you want your Instagram following to expand organically. It’s a certain way to get new fans and keep your current ones around.