Making the Most of Instagram’s Inner Circle for Promotional Purposes

With the introduction of the ‘Close Friends’ function on Instagram, the entire dynamic of the social media platform was rethought.

With Instagram Stories, the Close Friends functionality brings a new level of personal connection to social media and gives users, including brands, greater power over their own content.

This gives the audience a sense of inclusion and power.

This post will teach you five useful strategies for segmenting your list and making the most of Instagram’s Close Friends feature for marketing purposes. First, though, I’ll address any concerns you may have regarding this function and then we’ll get to the advice.

Can You Explain Instagram’s “Close Friends List?”
To help you better grasp the function of the Close Friends List, allow me to pose a simple question first.

Instagram’s original purpose was to serve as a platform for the public. Perhaps, ironically, this is why members of exclusive social groups feel they must provide a welcome to outsiders.

Have you ever wanted to post an Instagram Story to your account but have it visible to only a restricted group of friends or followers? The response is presumably “yes” on your end. Of course, the new Instagram capabilities let you prevent certain users from posting their stories, but in all honesty, this is a tough option for a corporation to regularly manage.

Because of this, Instagram’s Close Friends section truly is a saving grace. With Instagram’s Close Friends function, you can choose a subset of your audience to get exclusive content like closed-door behind-the-scenes looks at how your company operates.

This is a fantastic function, useful both for personal privacy and for businesses who need to communicate with a small group of consumers about important matters.

What are the benefits of maintaining a small circle of online friends?

The distinction between “friend” and “follower” on Instagram has blurred in recent years due to the platform’s explosive growth.

Social media may have started as a method to stay in touch with friends and family, but today our accounts are a veritable melting pot of acquaintances old and new.

Because of the diversity of their audiences, content producers and enterprises are often hesitant to open up about some elements of them or their operations. Because of this, the Close Friends List may be a useful tool for maintaining discretion while sharing Instagram Stories.

You may see this in two different ways on Instagram. Close friends will see a green circle surrounding your profile picture in the Story tray, rather than the standard pink one. Instagram will display the “Close Friends” indicator in the upper right corner of the screen if they do not see it while watching the story.

Your profile highlights can also include ‘Close Friends’ tales you’ve shared with them. They may be visible to your highlights viewers Increase your followers. All the other Instagram Stories you post publicly will still be seen by your usual audience.

Customise Your Profile

You’ll get some suggested additions to your close friends list when you open it. Use the search bar to look for certain people. Once you’ve located the desired user, you may add them by clicking the green “Add” button.

Based on Your Very First Instagram Story

After selecting this option, you’ll be sent to a “Close Friends list,” where Instagram will provide suggestions based on who you already follow. After that, you may choose the desired individuals either from the provided list or using the primary search field.

Now that you know how to create and deliver tales to your Close Friends List, let’s go deeper into the great impact this function may have on your company.

Your ties with your staff, partners, and influencers who help promote your brand may be strengthened by using the Close Friends List while publishing Instagram Stories from your business account.

Introduce Private Sale Materials

You may treat your most loyal customers and followers like VIPs by offering them exclusive membership tiers or by setting up exclusive communities.

Use the Close Friends List to send a select group of individuals unique information, such coupon coupons, collaboration proposals, early access to a product before it’s officially released, announcements, and personalised messages and videos. Check out Confetti Social’s Offer Post in Action!

Distribute Confidential Information to Key Stakeholders in Your Organisation

Relationships and mastermind connections among your company partners are too important to ignore. Increase your audience shouldn’t always have access to sensitive company data, such as vulnerabilities or behind-the-scenes stuff. This method ensures that you maintain contact with key stakeholders without having to make any special efforts to do so.

Express appreciation for your increaseaudience

If you want Instagram success, you need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. You may be too swamped to personally thank everyone of your increase fans and clients with a handwritten note or direct message (DM).

In Conclusion

It may be time-consuming and inefficient for firms to maintain many accounts. The ‘Close Friends’ function now makes it easier and more successful than ever before for your business to cultivate and validate your loyal customers or critical influencers.