Instagram Carousel Stats You Need To Know In 2023

The ability to showcase several photos and videos in a single post is a boon for marketers thanks to carousels. It also enables you to keep your audience engaged by telling stories using a variety of images.

To keep up with the ever-evolving social media marketing landscape, you need to know the newest information on Instagram carousels. Here are some essential Instagram carousel statistics to help you get started, giving you an idea of how this feature might improve your company.

A carousel on Instagram: what’s the deal?

Appearances matter to all of us. There’s something wonderful about adorning ourselves and our houses with designs that please the eye. We’re just like everyone else when it comes to Instagram. Aesthetically pleasing and intriguing visual content is something we not only publish but also interact with.

Instagram carousels are perfect for this purpose. You may include up to 10 photos or videos in a single Instagram post by using the Carousel format; readers can scroll through the media by swiping left on their mobile devices.

Carousels are an effective way to showcase several items, showcase an event in pictures, compile a lookbook, or convey a story. They boost interaction since viewers have to stop and look at each image or clip in the carousel.

Instagram Carousel: How to Use It

There’s no denying that the Instagram carousel is an effective marketing and communication tool.

Exhibit Your Methodology

The goal of any business is to expand their clientele. However, it might be challenging to attract clients if your Instagram feed is full of constant advertisements.

Using a carousel on Instagram to demonstrate your product’s production process may be an effective approach to attract and retain customers. If you manage a bakery, for instance, you might use an Instagram carousel to document the full cake-making procedure.

Products to Suggest and List

The Instagram carousel is a fantastic resource for bloggers and company owners who want to showcase things they think their audience will enjoy.

Assume for a moment that you manage a beauty-themed Instagram account. Instagram carousel posts are perfect for promoting the finest sunscreens to your followers.

If you own a jewellery shop, you could do the same by writing a blog post showcasing your silver jewellery selection. This will demonstrate to prospective buyers that you stock a wide selection of goods.

Include a caption summarising your share and inviting people to check out the things you’ve highlighted. A great example of using carousels for recommendations and lists is the post by Instagram strategist Socialsam, which is a carousel of the 100 top content production tools.

Send References

Successful businesses understand the importance of client trust. When potential customers see positive reviews written by previous buyers, they are more inclined to make a purchase from you.

The Instagram carousel is a great way to showcase happy customers. Get your consumers involved by having them send in images of themselves using your product, and then showcase those photos in an Instagram carousel. Make a carousel of testimonials and before-and-after images. Customers will be encouraged to make a purchase after reading this.
Make sure the size of your customer success stories posts are appropriate for Instagram.

Size and aspect ratio details for Instagram carousels are as follows:

  • Photos: 1080p x 566p (landscape)
  • Picturesque: 1080 x 1350
  • Resolution: 1080 pixels on each side
  • Horizontal: 1.91:1, vertical: 1:1, and square: 1.91:1

Advertise a Gathering

Is there going to be a presentation or webinar? A carousel on Instagram is a fantastic marketing tool for this. Make a public announcement detailing the event’s time and place. In order to get people excited for your forthcoming event, you should include some images from past ones.
Images of presenters at the event or webinar, as well as any sponsors, can be included. Include as much detail as possible in your post.


The entire potential of Instagram Carousels has not been discovered. Instagram carousels may provide a solution, with increased engagement and conversion rates, as marketers seek out new methods to successfully meet the demands of their target audiences.

Keep in mind the following Instagram carousel facts:

  • The typical interaction rate for Instagram carousels is 1.92%.
  • The percentage of Instagram posts that are carousels is rather low at 18%.
  • The carousel’s effectiveness increases to over 2% when all 10 slides are used.
  • Carousels that combine still photos with moving ones have a greater average engagement rate (2.33 percent) than those that employ just still images or just moving ones.