Five Mega-Brands Crushing It On Instagram

For social media marketers looking to increase reader participation, the term “Instagram Branding” is both novel and fruitful. The days of posting only selfies and photos of delicious-looking food with clever hashtags are over on Instagram. It’s no longer only a photo-sharing app popular among teens and trend-setters. Marketers are increasingly turning to it as a means of spreading the word about their products and services. With Instagram’s meteoric rise this year, online marketers can’t afford to ignore the platform any longer.

Just because you launch your company’s Instagram brand doesn’t imply you need a million followers immediately. If you don’t have a plan to increase your social media channels’ visibility, popularity, and interaction among your target audience, they could easily become digital tombs.

You may still be wondering why you need Instagram for your brand.

Any company or brand serious about expanding its customer base needs to incorporate Instagram into its social media marketing strategy. Here are a handful of numbers that might sway some people:

  • We estimate that somewhere in the neighbourhood of 15% of the global population is already utilising this service.
  • It is estimated that Instagram’s mobile advertising will bring in $6.8 billion in annual revenue.
  • Users on Facebook are only 32% engaged with brands, but 68% of Instagram users routinely interact with brands.
  • Consumer interaction on Instagram is also 10x higher than on Facebook, 84x higher than on Twitter, and 54x higher than on Pinterest.
  • Instagram is the most popular photo and video sharing platform, with most millennials and Generation Z users spending more than 50 minutes per day on the app.

With the ongoing shift in digital marketing away from text and towards graphics, Instagram has become a great venue for social advertising. You may increase your return on investment and user engagement by posting photos and videos of items, behind-the-scenes footage, and any other details that your followers would find interesting.
Reaching out to people in your intended demographic requires you to be active where they already are online. The following information shows the total number of Instagram users around the world as of April 2018.

The Power of Instagram Accounts from Major Brands and How You Can Join Them

Marketing on Instagram? Why? It doesn’t seem like the right platform to promote my company’s products. Whether it’s in the realm of cosmetics, caffeine, cuisine, or e-commerce, a wide variety of firms are prepared to make a major impact on Instagram. Some of these companies have been around for a while and enjoy considerable web visibility; others are newer entrants that have recognised the potential of visual material and are quickly gaining acclaim.

These are just a few instances of how brands across industries and markets are making use of Instagram.

1. In the top spot, we have Airbnb.

The ability to post often on Instagram is one thing, but the ability to create original, interesting posts that are in line with your brand’s values is something entirely other. This idea has been tastefully adopted by Airbnb. A summary of the world’s most interesting and enjoyable accommodations is provided to Airbnb’s 3 million followers.

2. Nike

An fantastic source of ideas for creating a distinctive new Instagram account is Nike’s subsidiary accounts. Brands like Nike that manage many social media accounts have become dominant. These companies have a firm grasp on the promotional possibilities presented by social media comments, likes, videos, geolocations, and hashtag monitoring, and so have risen to the top of their respective industries.

3. Tesla

Many B2B organisations are hesitant to use Instagram for social media marketing, but using Tesla, a world-famous electric auto manufacturer, as an example, we can see how it may be done successfully. While it does focus heavily on its own products, they make excellent use of the videos to draw attention to the finer points of their vehicles.

4. Starbucks

Instagram Marketing, You Talkin’ Bout? A trip to Starbucks would be hard to forego.
If you follow Starbucks on Instagram, you’ll be convinced to sample their product even if coffee isn’t your thing. According to the “Top 20 List of People’s Favorite Instagram Brands,” it is one of the most popular brands on Instagram. Starbucks’ Instagram feed is dominated by snappy, artistic photos with clever captions that make advantage of the filters for a more dramatic effect and capture the true spirit of a coffee break.

5. Herschel Supply Company

If you believe that only large corporations can successfully influence and attract the attention of their target audience, then this article is for you. The Canadian company Herschel Supply, which has been making vintage-style backpacks and accessories since its founding in 2009, has developed a proactive approach for Instagram Branding.

What Users Need Most to Get Engaged on Instagram

You can highlight the visual nature and originality of your brand on Instagram, making it the ideal social media platform for this purpose. To have a “Instagram-Worthy Snap,” your brand need not be “visually attractive or gorgeous.” Many supposedly “boring” businesses, such as packaging manufacturers and IT consultants, are actually doing a fantastic job of producing fascinating material and imagery on a daily basis. What follows is a short list of ideas that, if implemented, will greatly improve your Instagram branding strategy.

1. Refreshing Your Biography

After launching a new Instagram account for your business, the first thing you should do is revise your bio. Due to Instagram’s link limitation, your bio should direct users to your company’s homepage.

2. Prioritizing Genuine Supporters

When your goal is to attract a sizable and active following, you should prioritise winning over “Real Followers.” Focus on building a dedicated fan base rather than a passive audience.

3. Involving the Viewers

Contact your clients and find out what they want. Talk to them in their own language. Discuss the same topics that they do. One should “never feed salad to a lion.” NextView Vice President Jay Acunzo