A free social media app that will allow you to create a watch and share videos is known as TikTok. Often to top hits in a music soundtrack that is right from your phone. It was initially available as Musical.ly in the U.S., but after the merging of two apps in 2018 August, it rebranded as TikTok. With more than ten crore users, TikTok is incredibly popular; it is slick-mash up is another feature from another favorite for kids. As with the help of the lip-synching app name Dubsmash,  users can record and watch their videos by themselves lip-synching to popular sound bites and music. Users can now create shareable, short videos ranging from serious to funny. And like just YouTube, TikTok is a world of interaction with videos that makes you connected with admirers and friends through comments, likes, and duets also you can make. TikTok even spawns its celebrities. Buy TikTok likes and become overnight sensations like Jacob Sartorius and Baby Ariel gained internet fame on the app back before the acquisition of Musical.ly by TikTok. 


TikTok is a social network app that is used for sharing user-created or user-generated videos, and most of the people use it to sync the lip for the popular songs. It was initially called Musical.ly, which was pronounced as MU-zik-lee. Using any social media is risky, but it is possible to use the app safely for kids with the help of private account features and adult supervision. That means if you go with an individual account option instead of everyone, only your followers and friends will be able to message, make duets, comment to your posts, and react to your posts. Users can sign up with TikTok with the help of email address, phone number, Facebook, Instagram, once logged in, you can search popular categories, creators, and hashtags to find videos. Popular categories are nothing but animals, sports, and comedy. For making your account private on TikTok, select the three dots icon at the right top corner by going to your profile page and select “Private Account.” Select the video from your profile for delete choose the option “Delete” if you want to delete your posts from your account. Or otherwise select the trash icon from the right bottom corner on your post page to delete.

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