How To Get More Instagram Followers In The Fashion Industry

Instagram is perfect for fashion blogs and magazines. It’s mostly an image-based website, and its users often pause to admire the photographs and read their accompanying words.

Shoppable Instagram posts are a great way to take the fashion platform to the next level and provide your followers a more comprehensive and engaging fashion experience.

The development of a sizable following is crucial to the success of any Instagram account.

After all, your account can’t grow its community or serve as a promotional tool unless it attracts genuine, active followers.

The challenge of expanding your fan base is real. It can take a long time, and it appears that the best methods are always evolving to keep up with Instagram’s algorithm.

Guarantee that your content is interesting.

Instagram’s visual nature makes it a natural fit for those working in the fashion sector. However, this emphasises the need of having high-quality, scroll-stopping images that strongly connect with your target audience. There are a lot of stylish Instagram accounts to compete with, so your photos will need to stand out. Creating engaging content is the lifeblood of your Instagram profile.

In order to stand out, your feed and stories should have exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes images. Display pictures of your team, events, and other mundane activities. In the competitive world of Instagram fashion, this might set you apart.

Create a stunning, well-composed photograph when posting more typical fashion images, as @miamiamine does in the image below. Make sure your clothing sticks out by providing a strong contrast to the setting. You wouldn’t want your postings to lose their sense of style, would you?

Stick to your own unique aesthetic.

Consider this our most crucial advice. Being genuine is the greatest method to win over supporters who will remain with you (and maybe even buy from you) in the long run. You’ll lose your audience’s trust and respect if you pretend to be someone you’re not. When someone is trying to construct a brand or get followers online, it will come out as inauthentic to their audience.

The greatest option is to make an authentic and original profile. You and your narrative must be easily identifiable and accessible to your audience. Giving your followers a glimpse into who you are through the sharing of personal information or even just displaying unique fashion choices. Your account’s accessibility will increase significantly if you reveal your own personality and preferred aesthetic. As the Internet grows ever more congested, users are increasingly interested in finding and following genuine individuals.

Combine high-quality and low-quality images.

This ties back into our first point about the need of establishing a personable online identity for your company. As a result of their obsession with uploading only flawless, high-quality images, some fashion Instagram influencers miss the chance to document certain unforgettable events just because they didn’t have a photographer around.

If you’re an influencer or working on developing your own personal brand, this is essential advice. You want your followers to become familiar with you so they can determine whether or not to purchase from you or provide other forms of support.

Make a central focus

You and your followers will both benefit from sticking to a consistent theme for your fashion Instagram account. You can quickly remember your theme whenever you’re on the fence about posting a certain photo or selecting a certain wardrobe for your next shoot. Themes are helpful for Instagram fashion influencers because they make it easier for their followers to make decisions.

Also, having a consistent theme benefits your audience since it strengthens your brand. If you consistently share photos with a similar topic, your followers will soon start to recognise them without even having to read the captions. Visitors to your profile who are interested in following you can get a sense of your aesthetic by perusing your grid. If it resonates with them, it makes picking you as a leader a no-brainer.

Recycle outfits from previously successful posts

If you have a few of photographs that you know generated a lot of interest, you may use that information to inform your next few postings. Numerous Instagram fashion influencers are guilty of this. If you want to know what your audience wants from you, just look at the pictures that get the most likes and shares. The easiest method to find out what your audience wants to see is to monitor their engagement with different parts of your tales.

Make the Most of Fashion-Related Instagram Hashtags

Using hashtags is a fantastic way to expand your Instagram following. You’re allowed up to 30 hashtags each post, and we highly recommend using them all. That’s a risk-free opportunity to reach your target demographic 30 times! However, it’s vital to remember that hashtags need to be used with some forethought.