Promotional Concepts For Facebook’s Instant Messenger

You should definitely incorporate Facebook Messenger marketing into your overall social media marketing plan as it is clearly acquiring a discernible advantage over more conventional forms of communication.

Just what is Facebook’s Messager?

Messenger, or Facebook Messenger, is a free instant messaging application that allows users to send and receive text, images, videos, music, files, initiate group conversations, engage with bots, and more. Since its inception in 2008, the platform has gone a long way, with over 1.3 billion monthly active users, making it the second most downloaded app in the world (behind only the main Facebook app).

What are some effective ways for marketers to utilise Facebook Messenger?

We advise setting up a Facebook company profile before delving into Facebook Messenger for enterprise purposes. Don’t know what to do? If you’re interested in starting a Facebook page for your company, our comprehensive beginner’s guide is here to assist. So, let’s go back to the novel approaches companies are taking to their brands’ messaging in order to foster fruitful interactions with their communities.

Cut costs elsewhere

About half (59%) of Facebook users who send messages to companies report receiving a speedier response time than they would through other methods. Automation also reduces the need for expensive human labour, which is a welcome side effect. To the contrary, marketing departments may shift their attention to other pressing concerns.

Thirdly, increase sales

Meanwhile, LEGO, the illustrious Danish toymaker, has used Messenger to boost sales via Facebook Messenger adverts and faster purchasing processes. The LEGO Group relied on a chatbot they jokingly dubbed Ralph to lessen the hassles its customers faced along the way to a better experience. They achieved this by directing viewers to various sections of the company’s extensive online storefront and recommending products for purchase as holiday presents. Their social media marketing staff might easily convince more people to buy from them at their peak of interest by using this tactic.

Create connections.

A wonderful discussion is the foundation of any solid friendship. Conversely to the one-sided nature of traditional marketing, which is often perceived as a sales pitch, chatbots foster a conversational exchange. They allow companies to engage in two-way communication with their target audience, rather than simply broadcasting messages to them. Marketers may improve their relationships with customers by gathering more detailed information for use in targeted drip ads.

Increase consumer loyalty to the brand

The capacity to communicate with customers in real time is seen favourably and promotes a brand’s favourable image. When a chatbot’s personality is tailored to match that of the brand it represents, it can increase customer loyalty. A fantastic illustration of this is RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Conveniently organise and direct audience members to the material they need

A website’s massive number of content and pages might make it challenging to locate certain information. And this can make for a confusing and overwhelming environment for viewers. Chatbots enhance the user experience by cutting down on background noise and speedily locating the material that users want. As a result, being responsive contributes to the development of satisfying and significant communication interactions.

Spread the word

The UK mental health organisations Mind and Rethink Mental Illness utilised Facebook Messenger marketing for a campaign called Time to Change to spread information about mental health, encourage people to have uncomfortable talks, and reduce some of the stigma associated with these kinds of discussions. When asked how they are doing, many individuals still lie and respond, “I’m OK,” while being in a less-than-ideal mental state. The “Ask Twice” initiative promotes asking a friend or family member how they’re doing twice if they notice a change in behaviour, allowing the other person a second chance to respond honestly.

Expand customer information databases

With GDPR, would you need to start from scratch with your marketing database? Has the percentage of people opening your marketing emails dropped? Do you operate a young company? Putting your brand in people’s inboxes is easier with Messenger. By luring people who already like their Facebook company page and convincing them to sign up for updates, this clever bot is helping brands rapidly expand their contact lists. Competitions are one method they use to achieve this goal.

The article’s goal was to demonstrate the potential of a Facebook messenger ad and bots to boost the return on investment (ROI) of marketing strategies for companies of all sizes. If you want to use Facebook Messenger for marketing purposes, your approach should be consistent with Facebook’s overall goals and objectives.