Instagram has finally released data for Reels and Live after months of anticipation.

No longer are views, comments, and likes the only metrics of success. Whether your most recent Reel bombed or took off quicker than Usain Bolt, you can now find out exactly why on a dedicated dashboard.

However, this is not all.

No, no, no. The Instagram gods have blessed us with double trouble.

We also have an updated Instagram Insights Dashboard and IG Live Insights.

Get set for a more in-depth exploration of your data analytics. Here’s a complete guide to using Instagram’s new Reels and Live features.

An Explanation of the Latest Instagram Reel Data

Is your bank balance EXPLODING from your regular Reeling? Or if you still aren’t sure how to jump on the Reels engagement bandwagon.

Use the new Reels Insights to double in on what’s working and cut out the rest.

What do the following new metrics for Reels mean?

How many different accounts saw your Reel at least once is what we mean by “Accounts Reached.”

The number of times your Reel has been seen, including any subsequent viewings.

Likes: the total number of times users from different accounts liked your article

Comment Count: How many people have left feedback on your Reel

The amount of times users have saved your Reel by tapping the heart icon indicates how popular it is.

The number of times an Instagram user shared your Reel on their Story or in a direct message

An Overview of the Insights Reels

You may access your Reels Insights in a flash by going to a certain Reel and clicking on the ‘View Insights’ button. This feature is accessible via your profile’s Feed grid and Reels section.

The Insights from the Reel menu may be accessed by tapping the three dots.

When you do, statistics for only that Reel will load in a new tab or window.

You have no Reels data showing up. This is likely due to the fact that it is locked to Business and Creator Accounts only. You can make the transition in just five minutes, and then you can get all of Instagram’s other metrics as well.

Introducing the All-New IG Live Insights!

In the past, your Live would just end.

There were no analytics provided to reveal how well it worked. Nothing.

Even though you could broadcast directly to IGTV, there was no corresponding data to analyse.

Thankfully, those times are over because Instagram finally released all the statistics we needed.

At the close of your Live, you will view the following account insights:

Number of unique accounts that saw your Live Stream

The largest number of unique viewers that tuned in to your Live broadcast at the same time is referred to as the “Peak Concurrent Viewers.”

The amount of people who have left feedback on your Live

The amount of times your Live has been shared on someone else’s Story or with another account is referred to as “Shares.”

Viewing Instagram’s Real-Time Analytics
When you finish your Live, you’ll get a notice with four choices:

  • Upload to IGTV
  • Check out the intel
  • Video Download
  • Remove video

Your Live Video Insights will be displayed after you click the ‘View Insights’ button.

Instagram’s New Analytical Control Panel

Instagram has updated the Insights dashboard to include new metrics for Reels and IG Live.

In the updated Snapshot of Insights, you may now view:

  • A summary of the material you’ve published (including posts, stories, reels, and so on).
  • Clients Achieved
  • The Interaction of Content
  • Quantity of Adherents

After selecting ‘Accounts Reached,’ a dashboard with the following data will appear:

  • Follower Count vs. Non-Follower Count of All Accounts
  • Accounts reached by content type: a tally for each content category
  • Most-Viewed Instagram Stories, Reels, and Live Videos

Click “Content Interactions” to get a dashboard displaying information about:

  • Likes, comments, bookmarks, and shares are all examples of post interactions.
  • Replies and Sharing of Stories
  • Reel Comments, Saves, Shares, and Likes
  • Live video interactions on platforms like IGTV

The new Instagram Insights dashboard provides greater insight into the sorts of accounts you’re reaching and the effectiveness of your post.

Not just that!

Instagram has announced that it would be releasing more preset time frame settings in Insights beyond the recent 7 and 30 days in the coming months. We’re also launching desktop support for Insights.


Learn How Instagram Can Help Your Business

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