How To Boost Your Business Profile on Twitter

Business owners are striving hard to be on the top roof of social media channels especially Twitter. If you are the one looking to increase your number of clients, then you must take all efforts to drive your business, traffic and sales through effective Twitter Marketing campaigns.

A hike in the number of Twitter followers not only improves ales but also encourages brand trust and customer loyalty hence making people stay engaged in your content. Statistical data proves that Twitter is widely used by businesses to achieve continuous user engagement.

Among all social channels, Twitter is found to be more comfortable to use especially for small businesses which are under developmental stages. In Spite of a vast amount of data across the web explaining how to reach success on Twitter, people are still puzzled as to how to execute a right strategy to see Twitter success with more followers and likes. Here we’ll see how to get more twitter likes for  profile pages and tweets and why you need to connect with the right people to add significant boost for your profile. An effortless way to boost your profile is to buy Twitter likes for business pages and tweets that are less popular in the social community.

Optimize Your Profile

Create an appealing profile with a good bio and a pleasing profile photo that clearly represents your facial attributes. Brand logos can also be used as profile pictures in circular formats. Keep in mind that details at the edges of your profile picture won’t show up clearly.

The optimal resolution for Profile images in Twitter is 400px by 400px. Don’t forget to include appropriate tags, keywords and location information in your bio to let your users know clearly what your business is all about.

Tweet Often

Unike Facebook and Instagram where you post once in a day, you need to post content aggressively on Twitter(say at least three to seven tweets) for gaining maximum engagement. 

Just tweeting frequently might not help. It is important that you tweet content that is optimized for the right target audience. Tweeting fresh, trendy and updated content can make your profile worth following. It is difficult to be online always, so you can use scheduling tools available in the market to schedule your tweets to get the maximum engagement. Also remember not to schedule posts for perfect time intervals because doing so may show followers that you are engaged with bots.

Engage In Twitter Chats

Chatting with people who share same interests is an excellent way to boost your business profile. When you start chatting with people, you get to know and understand their tastes and preferences even better. Replying to their posts, retweeting and tagging on their content can take you much closer to the audience. Starting to follow other people and following back people who follow you can trigger people to start viewing your content.


Apart from the techniques discussed above there are many other ways to increase Twitter likes from using hashtags to posting content rich in attractive elements such a s gifts, memes and infographics after identifying the kind which your audience finds more compelling.

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