Why Should Brand Leverage TikTok For Growth?

As of this now, TikTok has more revenue than any other social media app. In order to put this into context:

The TikTok app has received 41.3 million downloads since November, while Facebook has only seen 250,000 downloads worldwide over that same time frame.

TikTok has been downloaded 2 billion times, and there are currently 800 million users. Each and every day.

You have to admit those figures are astounding even if you aren’t a TikTok user just yet. The daily average for TikTok use is eight app launches and 52 minutes of a user’s time.

Leads follow after awareness has been raised.

TikTok marketing: why your brand needs it

Even though it’s common knowledge that expansion takes time, what if we told you there was a way to speed up the spread of your brand? You may quickly and simply reach thousands of users on TikTok with just a few easy steps. Even for established businesses, TikTok is opening up fresh possibilities for remarketing. Even if you aren’t a digital marketing firm, you can still rely on us to guide your decisions. What you need to incorporate into your social media management strategy to prepare your brand for success on TikTok if you want to rapidly expand your reach.

When compared to other social media platforms, such as Instagram (1.22%), TikTok’s average engagement rate of 10% is significantly greater.

Important Metrics and Reporting Topics While some key performance indicators (KPIs) may have a similar appearance, reporting may differ slightly from Instagram. The success of your TikTok profile may best be gauged by looking at the feedback received on your videos.
TikTok users can get popularity by posting frequently.

How to Begin: Register and Fine-Tune Your Settings

Establish your own branded hashtag

What sets you apart from the rest? If you’re looking for a place to host your digital marketing and content development efforts, go no further than TikTok! Which social media network do you not utilise your branded hashtag on? Include the hashtag in your bio as soon as you realise it’s going to be popular.

Change to a Company Description

You may convert your TikTok Business Profile and gain access to all the analytics you need to fine-tune your TikTok marketing plan, discover more about your followers, and gain insights into those top-tier key performance indicators.

In your bio, you should definitely include your website

Although though the point of TikTok is to raise brand recognition, if you include a link to your website in your profile, viewers may find out more about your company and its offerings without leaving the app.

Join Instagram Together

You can connect your Instagram and TikTok accounts with the help of the Instagram integration found on business and creator profiles. If you have a lesser following on TikTok, this integration will help prove your legitimacy and encourage more people to start following you anywhere we are present.

Post a Photo to Your Account

A second tip for the TikTok app is to utilise the same profile photo that you have elsewhere on the internet. Users of TikTok now have a quick and simple way to identify your company’s identity across digital channels.

Strategies for Increasing Views of Your Brand’s TikTok

Relationships with Influencers – Like Instagram, TikTok is a great place to gain exposure for your brand by forming strategic alliances with popular creators. The user is more likely to become a fan of your brand if they see endorsements from people they trust.

Adding a trending hashtag – Include trending hashtag into your captions is the simplest approach to reach an audience who is already interested in your video or company. This can be used to optimise your reach using the TikTok algorithm.

Get the Word Out – Getting the word out about your TikTok community is essential. Using trending hashtags to engage with individuals who are engaging with videos with similar themes might be a novel way to conduct outreach. Promoting your brand in this way increases the likelihood that your videos will be discovered by TikTok’s algorithm and attract new followers.

Creating Your First TikTok

Everyone needs some pointers on what to do and what not to do when they’re just getting started, and we’re happy to provide them.

Recommended practises for using TikTok are as follows:

  • Make a Lifestyle Video Using the App or a High-Definition Camera and Expert Editing.
  • Regular Updates – Try to update your site once a day, if not more often!
  • Get the most out of your audience by starting strong with an engaging introduction that grabs their attention inside the first five seconds.
  • Please be brief and to the point in your captions. Use your wit and humour. Make a connection in your caption that will pique the interest of your intended audience.
  • Employ hashtags thoughtfully and sparingly. Use no more than three or four hashtags altogether. Your distinctive brand identity should reside in one, while the other should reflect whatever is currently popular. You might also try incorporating a trending hashtag competition (that might also be trending at the moment). Alternatively, you can use this hashtag contest as inspiration to develop brand-related content.

TikTok continues to gain popularity and develop at a rapid pace. Brands are reevaluating their digital marketing approach during the Coronavirus outbreak, with the worldwide pandemic weighing heavily on many minds. It will become clear, as more and more brands flood the social media platform, which ones quickly become the most popular. We’re on a mission to provide businesses and artists with the tools they need to use mobile videos that people want to swipe through as a means of self-expression and a more relaxed dialogue with their audience. You can’t afford to ignore the importance of developing a TikTok marketing strategy.