10 TikTok Ideas To Boost Your Account

Are you having trouble coming up with new ideas for videos to post on your TikTok account?

Or maybe you’re just looking for some fresh TikTok video ideas to shake up your routine.

That’s fine! When it comes to creating new content, even the most popular and well-known TikTok stars experience writer’s block every once in a while.

Fortunately, we have compiled the most comprehensive resource for fresh, entertaining concepts for TikTok channels that also adhere to TikTok’s Community Standards.

Read on for 16 creative ways to promote your TikTok channel.

A million people could end up watching it.

16 Creative Ways to Promote Your TikTok Channel

Cooking Demonstrations

Food videos are our first concept for a video.

Amazing food is appreciated by all. Tiktok users love watching cooking demonstrations.

Whether you’re a professional chef eager to share your best dishes or a busy parent eager to show off some of your favourite easy recipes…

You can do so with ease on TikTok

Collaborate with popular content makers and influencers on TikTok

There’s a lot of laughs to be had when you team up with popular TikTok creators.

If you put in the time and effort, you can find a creator who shares your vision and your brand’s values and who will work wonders for your account.

Read on for more information about how to implement an effective influencer marketing strategy for your company.

Unseen Footage

This is a fantastic plan for any business owner to implement. The secret to success is simply revealing the inner workings of your company.

Display the ingenuity involved in manufacturing or shipping products to customers.
Even if you don’t run a business, you can still use this concept to reveal the inner workings of some exciting experience.

Read a Story

TikTok videos that tell stories are extremely popular. It’s a great strategy for drawing more people into your profile.

The most important part of a storytime video is that it is intriguing and will catch the audience’s attention, regardless of whether the story is funny, scary, or somewhere in between.

Reasons to Take Part in a TikTok Challenge

Our For You pages are littered with TikTok challenges that have become wildly popular recently (i.e. the Toosieslide challenge, the Blinding Lights challenge, the plank challenge, the switch TikTok challenge, the fashion challenge, etc.). Taking part in them is a great strategy for expanding your current financial resources.

Trending challenges come and go, so it’s important to stay on top of the ones that are currently fashionable.

Live broadcasting

TikTok, like Instagram, allows users to broadcast live videos. Here you can easily communicate with your interested target demographic!

Make sure your TikTok audience knows when you’ll be going live so they can tune in!

Promote Your Goods by Displaying Them

TikTok is a great platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their wares.

Users of the video sharing app TikTok frequently look to the app’s “discover” page to learn about new products. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get in touch with prospective buyers!

Try giving a quick demonstration of your product in action! It’s much easier to keep a viewer’s attention with short videos.

Most Viewed Videos With a Duet or Stitch

TikTok’s duet and stitch functions are two of the app’s most potent tools for expanding your following.

Use these functions to take part in competitions, reply to humorous comments, and more!

Discuss Useful Methods

You can use TikTok as a platform to spread any useful advice you may have. These suggestions can be on any topic at all.

The sheer size of the TikTok community ensures that there will be at least some users who are enthusiastic about your video’s subject.

Raise Awareness for a Deserving Cause and/or Solicit Financial Contributions

Is there a significant group or movement that you participate in or advocate for? Do you learn best when watching others?

You could try entertaining TikTok’s massive audience with relevant news and facts about the cause. In other words, it’s a very neat strategy for promoting one’s company.

Daily Schedule

Tell me about your typical day/night! Users are always interested in seeing your daily activities, whether they can learn something new from them or not.

Make a Sponsored or Branded Hashtag

TikTok’s sponsored hashtags are a fantastic addition to the app. They’re fantastic for getting people talking and drawing in new fans.

Using TikTok hashtags is essential, even if you can’t make a sponsored one.

Day in the Life

Do a video of what you do in a typical day and post it! Simply log times throughout the day on your phone and send them in. I think this is a fantastic concept for a video that would appeal to a wide range of people.

This type of entertaining content is very popular among TikTok users. Recording your typical day will be entertaining both for you and the viewers.

The art of singing

Those of you who can sing beautifully should share videos of your performances online. In this section, you can share your own original music or cover versions of popular songs.

Creative Activities

The time for ingenuity has come. TikTok users love watching DIY tutorials.

Making elaborate works of art takes time, but your audience will love anything you make them.

You can either show your audience how to do something or provide a tutorial for them to follow.

Makeup How-To Videos

The platform also features numerous makeup tutorials. Makeup tutorials are always welcome, whether they be for your every-day face, a special occasion, or a Halloween costume.
Anyone reading this could use some good advice on how to get in shape. Videos of your workout, helpful hints, and more can all be shared.