Ways to Recover Excel Files on Mac

Ways to Recover Excel FilesDid you lose your excel file? Are you looking for ways to recover excel files? Many of the Mac users often ask how to recover Excel files without using any software. There is no tool as undelete in Mac so the users have to be very careful. In case you lose your excel file, what should you do next?

You should not worry, as there are many ways to retrieve your files back. You can use a data recovery software for excel files recovery. You can even recover without using any software.

How to Recover Files Without Recovery Software

There are many ways to get back your files. You can follow these step for excel files recovery.

  1. If the last thing you did was delete a file or files through Command + Delete, you can undo your move. You can go in the Edit drop menu, and click undo a move or you can use Command + Z. The deleted files will return to their previous positions.
  2. In case the deleted excel file is still in the Trash. You can click on the trash icon in the dock and drag the files out.
  3. If you have installed Time Machine, the files may have been backed up. This will only be possible if you have recently edited the file before deleting them. You must launch Time Machine and with the help of Spotlight field, find the deleted files. After you have found the files, you can restore the files.
  4. Another way for excel files recovery is to use programs to copy the files from the hard drive. This is to have a backup in case you lose your files. There will be a copy of the file if the app didn’t update since the last backup.
  5. Using Dropbox is also a great way to recover files. If you have uploaded files on Dropbox before deleting them, you can acquire them from Dropbox website. You can search for the files, select the files and restore them. The files will return to the same folder. This is an easy way for excel files recovery.
  6. For keeping your files safe, you can use an Internet-hosted backup system. Systems like Backblaze and Crashplan are a great option. You might have more than one version of the files or the new version of the files. You can easily restore your files from there without any hassle.

Excel Files Recovery Using Data Recovery Software

There are many data recovery software for recovering excel files on Mac. The best software is uFlysoft Data for Excel files recovery. It is best to recover precious and irreplaceable data. The software makes it easy and hassle-free to recover data.

  • You have to follow these steps to recover excel files.
  • First of all, you must install the data recovery software and run it.
  • You must select the storage drive to scan for files.
  • After the scanning, you must select the files that you wish to recover and click the “Recover” button.

Thus, recovering files for Mac users have been made easy. With the help of these steps, excel files recovery can be successful. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.


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