The Best To-do App for Your Mac

We spend a good majority of our lives completing tasks. Whether that’s buying groceries or finishing assignments or scheduling projects, keeping everything straight and getting things done in the most time effective way possible can sometimes be a task in and of itself. If you’re a Mac user, there are lots of apps available that can help you organize the chaos. Most even have iOS counterparts to keep you productive on the go too. Todo apps can come with a high price tag, however, so it can be hard to decide on which one to go with. Here are our current favorite todo apps for Mac and the workflows they’re best suited for.



Omnifocus by the Omni Group has the most features and organization options of any todo app avialable for either Mac or iOS. You can attribute this largely to the amount of customizations and sort options you’re given. Omnifocus supports projects, contexts, due dates, flags, and more. A task can have a context attached to it as well as be a part of a project and an organizational folder. The search and sort features of Omnifocus let you drill town to broad or very specific filters. There isn’t any tag support but with all the other sort and search options you’re given, I doubt you’d even miss them.

If you want power and flexibility and aren’t afraid of a steep learning curve, get Omnifocus.



Todo by Appigo has a great interface, is easy to use, and gives you a section for lists, contexts, and tags. The main view separates the tasks you have coming up into several sections including overdue, today, tomorrow, next 7 days, and future. You can customize the view to show more or less information for each task. Expanded views give you a quick glimpe at not only due date but any contexts or tags you have attached to tasks. You can also customize your Focus list. By default it hides tasks due after tomorrow but you can easily change it within settings.

If you have a hard time prioritizing tasks and want a quick way to see what needs your immediate attention and what can wait until later, get Todo.



Things by Cultured Code is easy to pick up and start using. From the way it’s laid out to how you can configure options, it’s works just the way you expect it to. Things can also tie into the native Reminders app for Mac and iOS and import items into Things, which means using Siri to create tasks becomes an option. The Today and Next Focus lists show what tasks you have due dates for. Scheduled shows you anything you have that is recurring. Another feature called Areas that lets you create virtual workspaces for different categories.

If you want ease of use and Siri integration for creating tasks and reminders, get Things.



Wunderlist is available for pretty much every platform. Like many other task apps, Wunderlist features an Inbox that lets you dump tasks there until you’re ready to categorize. While Wunderlist doesn’t support contexts, it does have support for a very smart search including keywords and the names of teammates attached to a task. The free version of Wunderlist function more as a scaled down task app while the Pro version supports tons of collaboration features and attachment support for a nominal monthly fee.

If you need to share lists, collaborate with others on items, and attach media to tasks, get Wunderlist.

Now it’s your turn, just share yours on our site. You may also visit more article for Mac technology on our site, too.

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