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Mac Virus or Malware Cause Data LossThe Mac introduced by the American leading Multinational Technology Company widely known as Apple Inc. is a personal computer which was introduced 34 years ago with the operating system Mac OS. The Mac’s, current lineup is a composition of three desktops namely iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro graphics workstation and four laptops with the sub brands MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with retina Display. The Mac’s operating system is developed by the Apple Inc. itself and is unique and the computers are designed in away capable of running non-apple OSs with the use of third party applications. However the use of Mac OS X in non-Apple products is restricted.

The goal of Mac was to do the impossible by engineering and innovating a fully loaded product by giving the user full-size experience into the lightest and most compact Mac notebook of all time. The main target was to make the computer lighter, thinner and make the performance better. At the moment the Mac is introduced with an Intel sixth generation highly advanced processor with improved and sophisticated graphic functionality inclusive of a faster flash storage and a battery life up to 10 hours.

Talking about Mac OS X, it is that enables and powers everything you do on a Mac computer. The OS EI Captain is very user friendly and works seamlessly with all the functionalities, applications and other IOS devices such as ipads, ipods, iphones etc. of the user. With OS EI Captain it is simple to do amazing things that are known to be complex and makes it delightful to do every day routine things.

Every Mac comes along with applications for creativity and productivity and these are the built-in apps. In other words a Mac is more than fully featured, it’s fully loaded.  Some of the most demanded apps such as mails, calendar etc. are included as built-in apps while the user is given the freedom of choice to select the apps needed based on the user preferences and requirements in the Apps store.

The Mac is introduced in four colors silver, gold, space gray and in rose gold. The display comprises over 3 million pixels that contribute to the crystal clarity of images and letters. The Mac is under continuous improvements and the company intends to introduce new features, new applications and new OS updates with the changing requirements and needs of the people due to dynamism in the environment, developments in technology and increase in complexity of life. The research and development team is dedicated for timely innovations with the rising needs and they also ensure that the products meet the required standard and quality.  The company is well known and regarded for innovations that unmatches competitor products. The products thus introduced are unmatchable and are highly advanced and innovative. The products are introduced with a premium price and this is due to the higher brand image and the quality and performance that unmatches any other product that is being introduced in the industry by various other competitors.

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