Recovering Word and Excel files from you mac

Recovering Word and Excel files from you macThe common problem

It is natural to experience crashes, freezes and different odds if you are a mac owner. But the prestige surpasses everything. One simple mechanism that you could follow when your mac crashes or freezes is to give it some time to get rid of the heavy load. It will eventually return to the normal state within few minutes. Patience is important to handle these types of problems. A problem is determined when the mac is still in the frozen state ever after 15 minutes. Then it is time to go for a forced shutdown, which means you will lose the current work that you have been doing on. It could be in the form of a word document, an excel spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation. That’s what you think. But it is not the case actually.

The ultimate solution

It should be noted that Microsoft has an Auto-recover system which is second to none. You may not lose track of any present work even after your PC crashes. Gone are the days where you had to give up on the things you couldn’t save. The software engineers at Microsoft have included this option after coming across so many complaints from users all around the world.

How to start with?

The Microsoft office auto recover is functional in all the latest office editions for mac after the year 2010. The first thing to do is to turn it on. It is really simple. You could simply open Microsoft word and then select preferences within the menu bar. Afterwards you got to choose the save option and that is exactly where you will find the “Save Auto Recover Info Every: X minutes” tab. Tick to on the Auto recover feature. You could select the time period depending on your writing habits. It would be ideal to set a time between 3 to 5 minutes. You should always have the habit of saving the files whenever you remember in order to avoid disappointments. The auto recover option should individually be turned on to different software including word, excel and PowerPoint.

How things work with the Auto recover

The moment you save a certain file, Auto recover works along with the background making sure that the document is being saved as per the time gap provided. If your mac goes for a force shut down or experiences any crash it will automatically make a rescue or a backup copy of your document immediately.

Things to do after a system crash

You got to reboot you PC once it gets crashes. The files which were open during the crash will automatically open again after you reboot the device. You can open each application separately if they don’t open. Along with the application it will show both original work and recovered work. You have the option to save whatever you wish to save depending on the level of progress. You could locate the recovered data file within the documents folder.

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