How to recover the lost Excel files?

 recover the lost Excel filesThe recovery for Excel files can be done in several ways. The corrupted Excel spreadsheets of the type .xls, .xla and .xlsx can be easily returned to your use after some recovery methods and processes have been performed. The new recovery techniques offer new user interface that contains recovery for multiple files, recovery for recently opened files and recovery of folders. The chart-sheets are recovered for the versions of 2007 and 2010 of Excel while some of the other used recovery tools support all of the standard versions like Excel 5.0, Excel 95, Excel 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

What can be recovered?

The Excel files recovery include recovery of texts, numbers, formulas, merged cells, fixing comments, frozen columns and rows fixing embedded images, fixing conditional formatting, fixing sheet names, hyperlinks, filters, formulas with external links, supporting of passwords in protected files and support for codepages.

The tools are easy to use and no special skills are required.

What are the limitations in the Excel files recovery?

The limitations in Excel files recovery are that every feature that is found in the original spreadsheet can be used, but some items that are not needed can be filtered out. Another limitation is that there is no recovery of the name of the cells and does not recover drawings and some visual basic modules.

What are the system requirements?

The hard disk needs to have 10 MB of free space in order the installation to be performed. The display to contain 256 colors and 640×480 resolution or higher, the ram to be 256-1024 MB, but can depend on the size of the spreadsheet and the corruption range.

How the recovery is done?

The Excel files recovery is done on lost files from some corrupted action, unexpected operation and some malware and viruses that have attacked the computer. The recovery allows you to get back the important information and today there are many tools that are used for this purpose.

The recovery process starts with scanning the data, analyzing the files that are corrupted and exporting the data from the file. If the file is damaged then the data will be definitely lost. The restored data then is saved to another spreadsheet and is available for processing. Since the recovery process fixes numbers, formulas, merged cells, comments, frozen columns and rows, images, filter settings and much more, the important thing is that the original data is not changed in any case, everything is returned like it was.

If there was no data for recovering from the damaged file then you can order a file review in the technical support center where sometimes is even possible to retrieve it manually.

Which tools to use in the recovery process?

OfficeRecovery is one of the best tools that is used in the Excel files recovery process. A file is corrupted if it is impossible to be opened. You will get a message that some error happened and the application has crashed. There might be some typical symptoms of the corruption as well from which you can see whether the recovery process is working.

In many cases the most of the Excel files are saved and restored. Tools like these are created in order to restore the important data and open it without getting errors.

Recovery for Excel

The recovery for Excel can also be done with using some network drive or CD where you can store the files. When you start the recovery for Excel, you will have to choose the item that needs to be recovered and is given in the menu. You can select the corrupted file and initiate the recovery process. After it has finished you will get the option to rename the file.

What are the commonly asked questions?

Most of the users ask if they can use recovery for Excel as a restoring option. This is definitely an effective way to recover your files and you can also watch a demo version to see how is done.

Another question that bothers the users is about the limitations of the demo version. The demo version can fix a limited number of cells in the corrupted file.


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