Use Professional PDF Editor to Edit Your PDF File on Mac

Adobe invented the PDF file format to solve a problem that had dogged people for years: how to view and print documents if the user didn’t have the original software or fonts. It launched the Acrobat software which packaged documents into special .pdf files. Adobe then made Acrobat Reader (now simply known as Adobe Reader) completely free to download and use so people could open, read and print the files, but you needed the expensive Acrobat Professional to create and edit them.

In 2008 Adobe made the PDF file format an open standard and since then there has been an explosion of PDF-related software. Many programs can save documents in PDF format, but few can edit them directly.

What if you receive a document in PDF form and need to change it? Or you might save a file as a PDF but lose the original (editable) document through a disk or human error? In all of these situations you need a PDF editor.

Some PDF editors let you load and annotate PDF documents. The original content cannot be changed, but you can insert notes and comments, use a highlighter pen, strike through text, delete pages, fill out forms and so on. Many of these ‘editors’ are free and some are really good, but they don’t let you edit the original content. So, how to edit the PDF you want? I suggest you to have a try on the prefessional PDF editor software.

A Best PDF Editor-What Features It Should Has

As a good PDF editor, it should has the feature below:

Modify Text

Click and start typing-it’s that simple. Add, revise and delete text in 2 steps: Simply click Edit, then move your mouse over the text to start. Adjust font, size, color and more.

Edit Images

Editing images is easy as type. Insert, crop and delete images accurately at high speed. Even adjust image height and width.

Manage Pages

Keeping your PDF organized is easy. Add, delete, and extract pages to create new PDF, making it so simple to generate new informative documents without starting from zero.

Edit Watermarks

Watermarks can identify so much about a document at a glance, no matter what page you’re on. Insert, delete, and update a watermark across multiple pages to promote your organization or the document’s status.

Compress PDF Files

It’s very easy to compress your PDF file to a suitable size for uploading to the Internet, attaching in email or printing. There are preconfigured settings for the output PDF files. And you can also set the settings by yourself.


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Actually a good PDF editor not only has these ability but also has the ability to create or convert the PDF files. I just list some main features here, if you find you have the better ideas about the PDF editor you can share with us on this site. If you need more info about Mac file, for example, you need to learn more about Mac lost file recovery ’cause you just accidentally deleted some important files, you can keep viewing other post on our site.

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