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Macintosh computers are really known to bring out the creative side of people. To harness it, and refine your potential there are some great Mac tools that you can use online and some of them for free.

As Microsoft burdens you with tons of softwares that serve the purpose and slow downs the computer at the same time these serve as a better alternative. The best part is that abundant tools are available to do things from simple text editors to image processing tools. Most of these tools provide an easy to use interface and work efficiently. Here is a list of useful Mac applications, which looks really slick too.



Fontcase is an elegant font management software. It combines simplicity and raw power all underneath a streamlined workstream. It organises your installed fonts with a powerful tagging system to automate the process. Like iTunes is for music, Fontcase is for fonts!



Postbox, powered by Mozilla Technology is a powerful Email Management software with cutting edge features that have set new standards for Email Clients. It has a powerful message and content search with autocomplete features. It provides a smarter message and content views that simplifies mail organisation as well as tracking them. It possess superior message handling and organisation features as well as strong security features.



Aptonic extrapolates the Drag and Drop feature of Mac to unlimited possibilities. Using core animation features, and adaptive Grid system it can train all of your installed applications to embrace drag and drop. For Example, by dropping a file on to your FTP client icon, the FTP client will execute operation to upload the file. Or if you want to install a program without the histrionics, then just drag the installer to the grid and the software will be installed. It provides a special flickr upload where you can drag images to the grid and it will instantly upload it to flickr or save text by dropping it in to the zone. There are special grids for copy and move files function as well as zip and email functionality. Since Dropzone is coded in Ruby, anyone can edit it to suit your requirements.



Querious is a SQL database management application that is tailormade for Mac OS X. It provides a new perspective to understand and use your SQL database. Equipped with features for Viewing, searching, editing, importing, exporting, and structuring your data ; Querious provides a gamut of SQL tools with a few clicks. It also provide CSV or Tab files so that you can view the database in speradsheet style for ease of use and also supports a wide range of data export tools.

The Hit List


The Hit List rectifies your chaotic life with an innovative list creation implemention. The Hit List is as easy to use as your post it and has a lot of hot keys if you want to get more efficient. It has different views like the Cards, which help you focus one job at a time or the today’s list which provides a comprehensive list of things listed for the particular day. It also syncs with iCal, hence letting you plan activites in advice. With timer function you can keep track of your activity and Quickentry makes the list amendable from any device and from anywhere. It also provides AppleScript plugins to extend the scope of the application.

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