How to Protect Computer from Viruses Attack

prevent-computer-virus-2Computer viruses are harmful programs written intentionally to enter a computer without your permission or knowledge. These viruses are more than just a disaster as they can actually cause serious problem to your system, just as a biological virus can cause damage to your body. There are number of viruses such as memory resident viruses, boot sector viruses, Macro viruses etc. Some are just annoying and may cause a message to flash on your screen where as others are more malicious and can actually delete files necessary for you or to run your computer’s operating system.

Low-risk viruses can be removed manually by deleting certain files and changing your system registry setting. However, the same doesn’t apply to high-risk viruses. The excellent and most effective way to remove viruses is by using a dependable anti-virus application and running a complete scan of your computer. Follow the steps given below to run the antivirus software:

#Click on the Start button. Right-click ‘My Computer’ if you are using Windows XP OS or ‘Computer’ if you have Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system. Now choose ‘Properties.’

#Click on ‘Performance’ and then ‘File System’. Now press on ‘Troubleshooting’ and select ‘Disable System Restore’. If you are using Windows Vista OS then click the link ‘System Protection’ which you can see on the left pane. Now click to remove the check mark next to your system drive i.e. C:\ drive and select ‘Turn System Restore Off.’ If you are using Windows 7 OS, click the button that says ‘Configure’ below the list of drives. Soon after, click on ‘Turn off system protection’ which can be seen under the sub-heading ‘Restore Settings.’ Now disable System Restore. It prevents the computer calling up an earlier version of the infected file.

6228-000620#Run your anti-virus application from the Start menu. Do complete scan of your computer. If at all you do not have an anti-virus program installed on your computer then install one immediately.

#Follow the on screen procedure to remove the viruses from your computer. If your antivirus software gives you an option to repair an infected file then do it immediately after the scan.

Hope this can help you to protect your computer from viruses. If you need more info about protecting computer data or operating system just view more tips on our site.

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