Can a Mac Virus or Malware Cause Data Loss?

 Mac Virus or Malware Cause Data LossViruses and malware are the bottom feeders of the computer world. While they affect PC computers more often, Mac computers certainly aren’t immune either. While hackers are more likely to create viruses or malware for a PC computer, it’s best to be aware that these issues can affect Macs too.

A virus has the potential for malicious destruction of your computer data. Malware is different in that it installs something on your computer, but more to track information than for it’s destruction.

If you ever suspect that there may be something on your computer that shouldn’t be there, it’s time to purchase good Mac security software. This software can be scheduled to run regular checks of your computer.

Signs that something may not be right include missing or corrupted files. The Mac hard drive death knell may also be an indication that something’s gone wrong.

If malware has hijacked your computer you may see programs installed on your computer that you never installed. Your browser may keep on visiting a certain home page that you never set.

You can begin by taking all these programs and dumping them into the trash can, and resetting your browsers to a blank page.

Often people get viruses or malware installed on their computer because they visited a website that offered something for free. Despite it being illegal to download movies, books, or music for free, there are still many websites that offer this service. They get taken down by authorities and then another springs up the next day.

Unfortunately, something for free almost never is. If you download movies, books, or music for free from these questionable sites, chances are that they’re coming with more than you bargained for. You could find your computer with viruses and malware, even if you use a Mac computer.

It’s best to skip past these websites and only download products from legit websites. Even if you pay one or two dollars for something, it’s worth the peace of mind knowing that you’re supporting the artist, and not receiving a questionable product in return.

There are dozens of Mac security software tools to choose from. Be sure to choose from a reputable company, one that has been around for several years. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $100 for a good software bundle.

Mac security software can prevent your computer from suffering a data loss by regularly scanning for malicious programs. It will highlight these programs and either automatically delete them for you, or inform you so you can do it.

Viruses and malware can also hop a ride onto your legit email messages. If friends or coworkers are sending you message attachments they can get onto your computer that way.

While it’s rarer that a Mac computer can get a virus or malware, it’s best to buy protection rather than waiting for it to happen and then suffer the time and expense of trying to get your Mac computer back to functioning order again.

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