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How to recover unsaved Excel files

Imagine you had been working on a really important Workbook for hours and the system crashes. The file is not saved, and you just lost hours of work because you forget to hit the save button. But what about when you realize that you made a mistake while working on the workbook an hour ago? […]

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Data Recovery Techniques – Methods Applied For Physical and Logical Damages

Data recovery is essential both for physical and logical damages. Physically damaged files are those that involve storage media like CD-ROMs, hard disks and tapes. This causes data to be lost extending to the damage of logical structures of the system. Logical damages on the other hand, are those that result from power outages causing […]

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Ways to Recover Excel Files on Mac

Did you lose your excel file? Are you looking for ways to recover excel files? Many of the Mac users often ask how to recover Excel files without using any software. There is no tool as undelete in Mac so the users have to be very careful. In case you lose your excel file, what […]

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How to recover the lost Excel files?

The recovery for Excel files can be done in several ways. The corrupted Excel spreadsheets of the type .xls, .xla and .xlsx can be easily returned to your use after some recovery methods and processes have been performed. The new recovery techniques offer new user interface that contains recovery for multiple files, recovery for recently […]

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Recovering Word and Excel files from you mac

The common problem It is natural to experience crashes, freezes and different odds if you are a mac owner. But the prestige surpasses everything. One simple mechanism that you could follow when your mac crashes or freezes is to give it some time to get rid of the heavy load. It will eventually return to […]

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Talking About Mac OS X

The Mac introduced by the American leading Multinational Technology Company widely known as Apple Inc. is a personal computer which was introduced 34 years ago with the operating system Mac OS. The Mac’s, current lineup is a composition of three desktops namely iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro graphics workstation and four laptops with the sub […]

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Recover Lost/Deleted Word Documents and file on Mac

Deleted Mac file recovery used to be done by reading the file system on the disk. If it were a Mac OS disk for example, then the file system would be interpreted by the software, and an analysis would be made to try to determine what data was previously present before the deletion was performed […]

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Can a Mac Virus or Malware Cause Data Loss?

Viruses and malware are the bottom feeders of the computer world. While they affect PC computers more often, Mac computers certainly aren’t immune either. While hackers are more likely to create viruses or malware for a PC computer, it’s best to be aware that these issues can affect Macs too. A virus has the potential […]

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Surviving Mac Data Recovery

While Mac computers are generally quite stable, there are occasionally some issues with them. Most Mac users have experienced a crashed hard drive or program at some point in time. While the newer line of Macbooks have digital hard drives, rather than spinning ones, many Mac users still are using older Mac computers due to […]

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What to Do If Your Hard Drive Crashes

As your computer ages, your hard drive wears out. The older Mac computers were built with the traditional spinning hard disks, while the new Macintosh Pros have digital drives. The longer you left your Mac on, the greater the chances that your hard drive would crash down the road. Now it’s happened to you. You […]

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